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Wind destroys Palermo: Building collapses in Borgo, demolished wall sows panic at airport

Wind destroys Palermo: Building collapses in Borgo, demolished wall sows panic at airport

Strong Cherokee winds blowing over Palermo, causing extensive damage at speeds of up to 80 km / h.

Ruined building

Part of a dilapidated building collapsed through Jimenez in the district of Borgo Vecchio. Although they seem to reject this hypothesis, firefighters are beginning to dig into whether there are people. According to initial findings, the site on the first floor collapsed, which contained a warehouse.

The airport was closed

The wind blew up to 64 knots at Falcon Porcelino Airport in Palermo. The “A” chimney “created the effect – they explain from the airport – it knocked down a plasterboard wall”. The crash sowed panic among those present: it happened at 10.30pm and triggered an airport emergency plan. Passengers waiting to depart, staff were evacuated from the gate. No injuries. The airport was closed until 1.45pm and then resumed operations. The situation was stable as the wind speed dropped to 16 knots.

Strong winds diverted six flights from Palermo to Catania Airport: including flights from Trieste and Pisa. On the other hand, the plane from Marseille landed in Lamezia. 8 flights were canceled. Airlines have begun to change the timing of morning flights.


On the Palermo Catania Highway, three trees collapsed due to the storm, one of which was on its way to the A19 junction, between the Palermo Kiafer and Villabad junction, heading towards Catania. Large trees block the entire road, making it impassable for vehicles currently on the road. Another large tree has fallen through the Oreto. Also, firefighters intervened in the case.

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The Regional Civil Defense has issued a weather-hydrological and hydraulic hazard warning. In the western part of Sicily yellow weather and adverse weather conditions are expected, with strong winds blowing from the southern hemisphere to the hurricane and hurricane force winds.

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