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Jessica Selassie-Barrow, His Much-Appreciated Gesture: Does Love Explode?

Jessica Selassie reveals an unprecedented backstory after triumph on reality show Mediaset: Is it time to break out the champagne?

Jessica Selassie (YouTube source)

Winner of the “GF Vip” Award Jessica Selassie He was again a guest of the subsidiary”Whose houseEx-Givena revealed to the three very curious hosts that she was on vacation in Naples, accompanied by her mother and sister. lulu. Understandably, the public’s curiosity aims to discover it The current status of his relationship with ParoAnd the Jessica She revealed some very important details. Here are his statements on the matter.

‘No Gentleman’s Dinner’: Jessica Selassie Breaks Up Buttons About The Future With Barù Gaetani

Jessica Selassie and Barry Gaitani
Jessica Selassie and Barry Gaetani (YouTube source)

Did you receive invitations to dinner?“Casa Chi” reporter asked. Jessica He answered frankly:Many: Now I have to sift …The ‘GF Vip’ winner was then questioned about her romantic status with barrowI spotted having dinner with a mysterious woman, e Jessica He stated: “I’m going very slowly… Theoretically I want to deny this fake news, because I have not made any invitation to dinner in Barrow. It is true that we are in contact, but we have many commitments and no one has been invited anywhere. So there was no refusal on his part, I want to clarify. Thus, as soon as there is a possibility, we will see each other, even in friendship: we love each other, and it is right that this also be respected …“.

Jessica Reveal as well, regarding the chat over dinner barrow: “No, #jerù are so close… they’re there to look at everything… but they all have to rest assured, she was a friend of hers, it wasn’t a brave dinner. You can also ask Paro, I don’t want to speak on his behalf…Then the journalist investigated:He told you she was a friend, so he doesn’t care about making you feel bad…“, And the Jessica Reply:Sure, sure, but no matter what he doesn’t want me to feel bad about anything…The princess seems to indicate that the affinity between her and the charming winemaker has not changed, and revives hopes For a relationship supported by many fans.

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Ex-Jivina determined that relations between the previous tenants of the house remained stable, and that the contenders established group chatWhere they can communicate with each other on a daily basis. High hopes on the horizon for shy Jessica? Although there is no evidence to document the development of its history with barrowit seems that the two are in perfect harmony.