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"Who is Rita Dalla Chiesa to me", sexy confession - Libero Quotidiano

“Who is Rita Dalla Chiesa to me”, sexy confession – Libero Quotidiano

Barbara Palumbelli Can’t hold back your passion in front of Silvia Tovanen, which in the living room very right Addressing a topic that hasn’t really been clarified. That relationship with Rita Dalla Chiesa, with which there may have been some friction in the past. To unleash the emotional storm of the Mediaset journalist, it was above all a video in which Tovanin shows her two adopted children, Monica and Serena.

Returning instead to Dalla Chiesa, the latter sent a very right Video message to show Palombelli: “This is to show that we are unmatched as written. Then I can’t see the forum because it’s like seeing a great love go away with someone else.” Dalla Chiesa then congratulated her colleague on running Tonight Italy and concluded by saying, “I’ve always been so close to you.”

“This is a gift,” Balombelli commented, who then answered Tovanin’s question about the fact that Dalla Chiesa still couldn’t watch the forum. “I’m so sorry – I declare – I was hurriedly called when I accepted La7’s offer. Yes, I went to his house, but the fact that he loves me makes me happy. I love her too.”

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