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Whales, we were able to communicate with them (this could help us with aliens)

Whales, we were able to communicate with them (this could help us with aliens)

How we imagine chatting with them Whales? More than just imagining it at this point, we can put this directly to the group of researchers from UC Davis, the Alaska Whale Foundation and the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, who have already managed to Communicating with an Alaskan humpback whale. The conversation lasted, so to speak, for about twenty minutes, during which Twain, as the scientists gave the specimen, interacted on several occasions and with a certain level of engagement. The results were the work published We are BergThe authors hope that in the future they can help develop research and perhaps learning methods Communicating not only with non-human beings, but also with non-terrestrial intelligences.

“Hello” registered.

To conduct the experiment, the research team first Verses recorded Emitted by a group of humpback whales as they cruise near Five Fingers, Alaska. The next day, the scientists then Reproducing tracks over about 5-6 kilometers From the point they recorded it: that was enough to get their attention Twain, female, at least 38 years old, They were identified by researchers via the portal Happy PiscesShe approached the ship and began swimming around it, remaining at a distance of 100 meters for 20 minutes. The authors explain that during this time period, Twain “interacted” with the recordings, Answering calls is somewhat backwards Compared to the frequency I played at. “We believe this is the first communicative exchange of its kind between humans and humpback whales in the humpback whale “language.”“, He explains Brenda McCowan of the University of California, Davis, who led the study. “Humpback whales are highly intelligent, have complex social systems, make tools – bubble nets to catch fish – and communicate extensively through songs and social calls.Added Fred Sharp of the Alaska Whale Foundation, co-author of the study.

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The search for extraterrestrial intelligence

But what does all this have to do with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence? The composite team aims to Study of non-human communication systems In order to develop methods that allow analyzing any extraterrestrial signals. It's kind of an exercise This is what scientists need to understand how to interpret logical structures different from those that characterize human language. According to what was said to Interested in trade By Lawrence Doyle, researcher at the SETI Institute, work done on whales seems to support the idea that Non-human forms of intelligence It is usually accompanied by a certain dose of curiousity And with a certain desire to connect with other beings capable of communication. So, by this logic, if some form of intelligence actually exists outside our planet, it might one day want to have a conversation.