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We are in Canicula out of severe weather. Possible refreshments

Summer 2021 has officially started. A literally hot start, which puts us up against exceptional weather conditions to say the least. Hot desert air flows over our regions, causing a very intense heat wave.

In the center of the south and on the two main islands, the thermal peaks have reached very impressive values: In Sardinia, the mercury column, as expected, exceeded the critical threshold of 40 °C. The question, at this point, is the following: How long will it last? Having said that an important temperature contraction is already taking place in northern Italy, accompanied by violent weather events locally, the answer is this: it may end next week.

Some sportier models, most notably the most reliable of all, the European ECMWF, tell us that fresh North Atlantic air could be blowing wide starting this weekend. A hypothesis that, if confirmed, the doors would open for a true thermal collapse and given the hypothetical thermal variances, a violent downpour could be unleashed.

Other models, for example the US GFS, have a less pessimistic view but also show a general contraction in temperatures As a result of blowing fresh air at high altitude. Let’s assume that either way temperatures can drop, which is good news if we take into account the thermal excesses – locally terrible – of the past few days.

We conclude by recalling how the African cyclone is often able to send out cyclone attacks that are much worse than those seen on some maps. So it would be a good idea not to take anything for granted. Of course, cooler temperatures are what everyone hopes a little bit. Suppose we hope to return to normal.

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