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Was the name suggested by Metal Gear Solid 5?  Fan Hypothesis -

Was the name suggested by Metal Gear Solid 5? Fan Hypothesis –

chaos around up It seems to have no end. Blue Box Game Studios is still shrouded in mystery, and at this point, fan hypotheses about the exact nature of the video game are many and varied. For some it is Silent Hill, for others it is just a regular indie game, for others it is looking for links with Metal Gear Solid. Now, some believe that a file Noun The word “abandoned” has already been suggested before Metal Gear Solid 5.

As you can hear below, in one of the files audio recordings Which you can hear inside Metal Gear Solid 5, there is one in which the characters talk about the different versions of the hero. The most interesting part is in the last twenty seconds of the recording, in which the words “we may also call it abandoned” or “we may also call it abandoned” are pronounced or, keeping the name in English, “we and we may also call it abandoned”. But we know “Abandoned” isn’t the real name of the game from Blue Box Game Studios: it’s just a codename.

Therefore, the premise is that the game’s symbolic name is another reference Which. We think the connection is a bit exaggerated, but it’s not impossible. The real point is that this does not mean that Kojima is behind the action. The reference could be a deliberate choice of Blue Box Game Studios. Or it’s a coincidence: after all, it’s an ordinary word, not a strange or underused term.

At the moment, it appears that there are real developers from a real team behind the project, who have become embroiled in a mix of references and coincidences that have given the project much greater insight than Blue Box Game Studios ever expected, prompting the team to postpone the presentation in order to improve the abandoned and not Leave a bad impression in front of the whole world. We hope this issue will be resolved soon. In the meantime, fans see PT in the new image of the game.

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