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Volleyball: the Azzurri from Mattarella and then from Draghi. Head of State: “An Unforgettable Night” – Volleyball

“World Champions! Heartfelt, intense and sincere congratulations. It was an unforgettable evening”. This is what the President of the Republic said Sergio Mattarella From Quirinale where he met the national volleyball team.

We are a national team on top of the world, with an average age of 24, nobody ever loves us, only the Soviet Union that no longer exists. We are into sport and those who look at us from the outside are very proud of it: long live volleyball, long live Italian sport, long live Italy.” Connie’s head, Giovanni Malaghi, In the Quirinale to meet with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and world champion italvolley, the glorification of the blues led by De Giorgi. “We are very happy, when we thought yesterday to hold this meeting with those who were champions of the Volleyball World Cup, I found in her great interest and sensitivity for her great love for sport and especially volleyball. We organize in any case even if not They win.” An amazing team, with an average age of 24, born from an official intuition of President Manfredi which I think was crucial, to put De Giorgi at the helm of this national team that added the World Cup with the three won as a player.

“These blues are talented young men, they are a sign of hope for our country because they generate value.” he said that Ferdinando de GiorgiAnd the The coach of the Italian national volleyball team, the world champion, He thanked the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who received the Azzurri at the Quirinale. “We achieved a historic result – said the Italian coach – I won the last title 24 years ago as a player, and getting it back today was a long hug with a group of guys who believed in the project and yes. It was. He spent until the end.”

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Dear President, we now realize what we did, I was young and don’t remember another World Cup 24 years ago. I am very happy that we got this far in Italy, we did it with our style, our joy and our smile.” The captain of the world volleyball champion Italy, Simone Giannelli, at the Quirinale, gave the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella a volleyball with the signatures of the world champions. “We are special guys – added Giannelli – and have the desire to participate. Yesterday we seemed to have fun and it didn’t look like we were playing the World Cup final, we are proud of what we did, I will be very happy. I am happy to be back here again.”

“Team spirit and unity of purpose always pay off, not just in sports”. This is how the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, concluded his Osiris volleyball greetings to the world champions at Palazzo Chigi. “Voi – the Prime Minister also said – you are an example of what young Italians can do. After the disappointment of the Olympics, Azzurri volleyball has benefited from defeats and renewed itself, where only great traditions can do.”