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VivaVoce concludes the 23rd edition and confirms itself as the premier festival in Italy for a cappella music

VivaVoce concludes the 23rd edition and confirms itself as the premier festival in Italy for a cappella music

With the Hungarian Fool Moon sold-out show last December 2nd, the curtain falls on the 19th edition of the VivaVoce International A Cappella Festival, the first a cappella music festival in Italy and this year also the richest with international and original artists. Entertainment suggestions.

From the return of guests from abroad to E-Cappella, from evenings with the double concert to the twinning with Spain, this year’s innovations have been well received by the audience, bringing more music and fun to Sant’Artemio and recording a wide participation in all performances. Moreover, the event also witnessed a growing young audience, very active on social media and curious to discover new ways of making music. Positive signs ahead of the 2024 launch of VivaVoce which will mark a historic 20-year milestone!

the VivaVoce International A cappella Festival, the first acoustic music event in Italy organized by the VenetoCoro Cultural Association, continues to establish itself as a leader in the musical genre it represents and in the region that hosts it. A nineteen-year-old tradition that never ceases to attract the audience, whether expert or curious, eager to attend a unique show. Duwendè, Postyr, Slixs, Anonima Armonisti, Melomans and Fool Moon: These are the groups that have performed on the stage of the Sant’Artemio Hall live from Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Spain and even from the United States. A musical journey through favorite genres, from pop to rock, from funky to electronic, through jazz and comedy, in a crescendo of sheer fun. Between new proposals and great confirmations, enthusiasm is guiding the organization towards the important milestone of twenty years that will be celebrated in 2024.

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This year, VivaVoce Festival is back in full swing, with local and international guests also from abroad. There could not have been a better outcome than an evening with Fool Moon who forced us to reclaim all available chairs to the satisfaction of all participants. It was a brilliant, participatory, brave and exciting edition. Innovation in tradition can be considered the theme of the year, which we expressed in “Exploring new frontiers”: the innovations of the nineteenth edition were well received by our audience – Announce Andrea Trevisi, Artistic Director of VivaVoce FestivalAlways maintaining a high level of quality. The edition maintained the 2022 numbers, in which we doubled attendance, which confirms the return to pre-pandemic numbers. Behind each copy there is the passion, commitment and perseverance of a wonderful team made up of a tireless group of volunteers, but also the strong support of institutions, from the Municipality of Treviso to the Province of Treviso that developed Saint’. Artemio Hall is available for all events Centromarca Bank and all Partners who supported the VivaVoce Festival and made it possible. I thank every piece of this precious artistic project as each piece contributes to making VivaVoce one of the most authentic and reliable music events in the world of A Cappella. “We are already working on starting to envision the next release which will coincide with a really special anniversary, our first 20th anniversary.”