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Video analysis reveals PS5 is often worse than PS4 Pro, for Digital Foundry -

Video analysis reveals PS5 is often worse than PS4 Pro, for Digital Foundry –

Final Fantasy 14As an MMORPG, it has been (and will have) a long life. The work was born on PS3, has moved to PS4 and has now also reached PS5, in ever-increasing success. But what are the improvements for switching from one version to another? digital foundry He shared a video analysis by Marc ‘Try4ce’ Duddleson, occasional magazine guest and a great Final Fantasy XIV expert. As shown, the PS5 Sometimes it’s worse than that PS4 Pro!

First of all it was pointed out that Final Fantasy 14 has always been a 2013 title and the graphics engine hasn’t changed since then. On the PS5, the game still features the old anti-aliasing effects, not the high shadow resolution and limited screen effects. Vegetation density and loading distance match between PS4 and PS5.

Final Fantasy 14

The PS5 version of Final Fantasy 14 basically runs the PS4 Pro version at maximum settings, with some additional effects. On PS4 Pro we can choose 1080p and 1440p, while on PS5 2160 p. Unfortunately, 4K has a negative impact on performance. On the PS5, it is still better to choose 1440p, for good resolution and good image quality. Furthermore, a steady 60fps rate is not guaranteed even on PS5. In some cases, running the PS4 Pro version of the game on the PS5 will perform equal if not better than the original PS5 version. The loads are higher on PS5, but there are no particular differences between the PS4 version that runs backwards compatibility and the original PS5 version.

Final Fantasy 14, however, offers some بعض improvements Relevant, such as the quality of many icons and GUI elements. The changes, which were unveiled on Square Enix, have been made with an AI upgrade: it will be interesting to see if something similar can be done on PS5 using textures as well.

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The PS5 version also supports DualSense. Adaptive triggers are used from time to time for certain sections of the plot, while haptic feedback is used to simulate the effects of flying with creatures that the player can use. However, vibration is also activated for every step of the character: a nice feeling in games like Astro’s Playroom, but for titles that require hours upon hours of gameplay, it can be annoying to many.

In general, the PS5 version does not offer many technical developments and in some cases you may prefer the version PS4 Pro. Speaking in place of Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The sequel “will be very different from the original,” Square Enix reveals.