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Truck loaded with stolen graphics cards stolen in the US -

Truck loaded with stolen graphics cards stolen in the US –

Through her forum, EVGA I mentioned that a Loaded with GeForce RTX graphics cards He had stolen. Of those, it was likely 3,090. It all happened through the theft of a delivery truck in California.

The theft occurred on October 29, 2021. EVGA states that the shipment was stolen On the way from San Francisco to the Southern California distribution center. The manufacturer claims that there are GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards that range from $329.99 to $1959.99 each. Thus, it is trustworthy that there are also 3090, 3060 and other models.

EVGA remembers that Buying or receiving stolen items It is a crime in the USA and the serial codes for GeForce RTXs are known and reported to the authorities. Attempting to register one of these graphics cards for warranty will only result in a visit to the police. Anyone planning to shop privately for graphics cards from the US would do well to be careful.

This theft certainly does not help solve the shortage of products, from graphics cards to consoles and beyond. Even Nintendo was hit by a chip shortage and lowered Switch sales forecasts.

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