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The mosquito bites her forehead and infects her brain, and the 21-year-old dies within five days

The mosquito bites her forehead and infects her brain, and the 21-year-old dies within five days

A mosquito bite killed a 21-year-old potential pilot, Oriana Pepper died within 5 days. The doctors explained: “This is a unique case that has left no way out.”

It took a year to highlight the reasons Oriana Bieber diesTrainee pilot A . passed away 21 years After that it was mosquito bite. According to what appeared from the autopsy and subsequent examinations, in fact, it was possible that the infection caused by the bite of an insect had infected the brain from the forehead and eye.

else Wednesday The hearing was held in court which conclusively explained what had happened to the young woman originally from Berry St Edmunds in Suffolk, the county of eastern England: 7 July 2021 When the 21-year-old goes to hospital in Antwerp due to pain in her eye from a mosquito bite that has caused her forehead to swell. Oriana was in Belgium for the second part of the easyJet test selection after passing oral exams with flying colours.

Doctors in the emergency room prescribe antibiotics, but two days later, boyfriend James Hall brought the 21-year-old unconscious back to the hospital: she died three days later, on July 12, 2021. Tests showed it. Pepper died “due to a severe infection caused by an insect bite in the forehead,” specifically a brain blockage to which an infection with bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus was added.

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“The mosquito bite caused a serious injury – they explained on Wednesday in class – which injured the carotid artery of the neck untilBlockage of an artery in the brain by imprint.” It’s unique case According to the doctors, they did not leave a way for the 21-year-old. In memory of her daughter, Oriana’s parents “established a small scholarship to encourage other female pilots” to do this work with the British Airline Pilots Association.