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The invisibility cloak is not only present in Harry Potter, but it is real: it is the invention of a Chinese physicist

The invisibility cloak is not only present in Harry Potter, but it is real: it is the invention of a Chinese physicist

We thought that Harry Potter was the only one capable of possessing the Invisibility Cloak, but a Chinese physicist was able to debunk this concept. His invention is ready to shock everyone.

Who knows how many things can be done with such a tool, and if it falls into the wrong hands, how much damage to other people’s privacy or safety could be done. Of course, it can also be included among the many inventions of the century that emerged after 2000, but understanding its usefulness becomes a truly uphill struggle.

Unlike Harry Potter: A Real Invisibility Cloak Created –

One can only think of espionage activities that could be carried out with a true invisibility cloak, deliberate military attacks, or people intending to attack someone else. However, it is clear that science, chemistry and technology are moving forward and need to be able to reach this level of knowledge, since until now nothing like this has ever been invented.

Going into the details of the matter, a Chinese physicist was able to create an invention capable of making a person invisible. He did this by performing in front of a large stage where he presented himself complete with an archetype ready to dazzle the audience in attendance. Sure enough, when two operators entered the scene carrying a plate made of… The element capable of reproducing invisibilityThe panic in the room was clear.

Invisibility Cloak: Zhou Junhao’s Historical Invention

Chiefs of Staff around the world would be really interested in this project, as would many Secret Service chiefs, ready to do anything to introduce it to their agents. Small cylindrical lenses made it possible to develop the instrument in question, to be able to Shrink and thin things that stands behind it.

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Zhou Junhao’s revolutionary invention (Instagram@app_source_hub) –

The Chinese physicist who succeeded in creating a suitable invisibility device, Zhou Junhao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, is not the only scientist focused on creating something like this. However, at the moment, it seems that he was the first to show it to the public and he did so on the occasion of Super Science Night, an event organized by Bilibili, one of the main video sharing platforms in China.

The lenticular grid used, made up of small convex cylindrical lenses, allows objects parallel to them to be narrowed. And therefore, Invisibility can be reproduced, even if this is nothing more than an object that has been shrunk to the maximum and made to disappear from the lenses. In fact, as soon as the net was placed at the feet of the world, it disappeared, leaving the entire audience present and many commentators around the world speechless.