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The first woman, the first woman on the moon

The first woman, the first woman on the moon

The protagonist in a comic strip tells a true story, even if you haven’t written it yet. A new comic published by NASA on Saturday to mark International Comic Day appears to subvert the natural order of events. first woman It is the story of the first female astronaut to set foot on the moon.

So who is the woman that NASA imagined and told about? Her name is Callie Rodriguez, and she is an ambitious and stubborn young woman, who is a fictional character. But the story is true: with the program Artemis NASA intends, in a few years, to be the first woman and first black person to walk on the moon.

“Kali’s story teaches us how passion, dedication, and perseverance allow us to turn our dreams into reality,” comments NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Millroy. “Kali, just like me, has been able to develop her skills, seize every educational opportunity and overcome the challenges that led her to become a NASA astronaut. Her diversity reflects the diversity of the bodies of our astronauts today – because it is important for everyone to be able to learn about star explorers.”

Kali does not travel alone. With her is an eccentric robot with a sense of humor who remembers the name of the father of the protagonist, Arturo, but also in a certain concordance with the name of the mission itself, Artemis.

In 40 pages, NASA talks about the technologies needed to travel, land, and explore the Moon. The goal is to make available a world that is often obscure in the public imagination and inaccessible, the world of astronauts. NASA does this not only thanks to an original animated story suitable for anyone, but also by allowing the reader to interact through augmented reality elements – which can be found on the First Woman website and downloaded to any mobile device. First Woman App (ل Android NS iOS) explores life-size environments and 3D objects, including NASA’s Orion spacecraft and the surface of the Moon.

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“We created this storyboard along with an entire digital ecosystem to share the work of NASA in a different and exciting way,” comments Derek Wang |, director of communications for the Space Technology Mission Directorate at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “We decided to make the content attractive and accessible. From space enthusiasts of all ages to diligent teachers looking for new ways to get students excited about Stem, we hope there is something for everyone.”

To read and listen to history or to discover all the content suggested by NASA Just one clickIt will be easy to access. To find out the real story, we’ll have to wait a few more years – and hopefully no more than the fingers of one hand. And who knows if the first woman to set her feet on the moon will look at least a little bit like Callie.

Watch Booktrailer on NASA’s YouTube channel: