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Symptoms of dementia can appear many years in advance: here’s what to watch out for

Symptoms of dementia can appear many years in advance: here’s what to watch out for

Dementia is a condition that can begin to show signs many years before they actually appear. Find out which ones should never be underestimated.

Senile dementia is an increasingly prevalent problem that can have different triggering origins. In fact, they range from the so-called aging of the mind to the result of incorrect lifestyles. In general, we talk about this disorder when the symptoms are already evident and in this case there are limited things to do.

How to recognize the first symptoms of dementia (

However, there is a possibility Recognize the disease from its first signs Which, even if not everyone knows about it, could manifest itself several years before. In this sense, it is very important never to underestimate some alarm bells and try to pay attention to them in order to immediately understand whether it is appropriate to contact the doctor or not.

What signs should you look out for when it comes to dementia?

Dementia is a problem that has been under study for several years. However, recently, specialists at the NeuroSmart Center of the Zucchi Welness Clinic have prepared a kind of menu that can Help to identify it in time In their family members. Doing it yourself, although not impossible, can actually be more complicated. Going to the signs that are very important to pay attention to, they are:

What are the symptoms of dementia?
Dementia: warning signs to watch out for (
  • Loss of temporary memory.
  • Sudden mood changes.
  • Difficulty following a conversation;
  • poor concentration;
  • Difficulty finding words.
  • Slowness in carrying out daily tasks;
  • – Feeling confused about time and place.

In the face of these symptoms, it may be very important to seek advice from your doctor immediately, in order to evaluate the possibility of a medical examination. The situation becomes even more urgent for those who already have cases among their relatives or are familiar with Alzheimer’s disease. For those who have doubts about themselves it can be useful Do some tests at homesuch as repeating the days or months of the year backwards, spelling words backwards, summarizing what you have just read or watched, or recalling the events of the past week.

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It is clear that there are some of these symptoms or failure in a test It does not necessarily indicate the onset of dementia. In some cases, it can occur when you go through a period of extreme stress or when you suffer from anxiety and depression. However, understanding why the brain is suffering can be helpful in giving it the help it needs and keeping it young and active for as long as possible.