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Strong winds on the road, in a short time gusts of up to 80 km / h and MAREGGIATE. We tell you when and which regions are in RISK »

Weather: strong winds on the road, gusts of up to 80 km / h and running. We tell you when and which areas are at risk

Strong winds coming over ItalyIn the next hours Especially on a day Sunday 19 September Weather conditions are expected again in sharp deterioration, due to the approach of a dangerous cyclonic vortex. In addition to heavy rainWe are expecting strong winds gusts of wind as far as 80 km / h capable of causing storm surges along the most exposed coasts.

But let’s go through in order by analyzing Latest updates To understand when and which areas will be most at risk.

In addition to thunderstorms over the northern central regions, we will talk about winds, especially from the day Sunday 19 September When we expect from the early hours of the morning the compulsory entry of Mistral over Sardinia western h Bonifacio Strait (Here storms can reach approximately 70-80 km/h) Thus wave motion is expected to increase until it reaches roughness or raging.

Instead, it will explode Libeccio between high Tuscany and Liguria East, with peaks over 60/70 km/h where there are some storm surges Along the most exposed coasts. Finally, currents from the western quadrants will also circulate on the central Tyrrhenian. These conditions will also remain on Monday 20th before the general attenuation of the phenomenon. But beware at the end next week A dangerous hurricane will come that will cause a Wind intensification from the northern quarters over a large part of Italy. However, we will have the opportunity to talk about it in upcoming editorials.

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Strong winds of more than 80 km/h in Sardinia and between eastern Liguria and upper TuscanyStrong winds of more than 80 km/h in Sardinia and between eastern Liguria and upper Tuscany