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Few people know this miraculous grandmother remedy to release earwax in an easy and painless way

Few people know this miraculous grandmother remedy to release earwax in an easy and painless way

Spring is the season of flowering, the days that lengthen. This triggers us to want to go out, exercise, have fun, and prepare for the arrival of summer.

However, this is also the season when it is easy to suddenly switch from hot to cold and vice versa. It is these temperature changes that cause the so-called seasonal illnesses. Typical in this period are sore throats, back pain, ear pain, etc.

But often the earache is caused by something else, which is a plug of wax in the ear, which in addition to the pain can also cause a temporary hearing problem.

When these components form, all that remains is to work on removing them.

Few people know this miraculous grandmother remedy to release earwax in an easy and painless way

It must be said that earwax is an essential part of the ear as it keeps it healthy and clean. In fact, although it is seen as an unpleasant thing, it is precious to the health of our ears.

These are some of the main functions of earwax:

A) Lubricate the external auditory system to reduce the risk of itching, burning and dryness of the skin that covers it;

B) It has an antibacterial effect.

C) It prevents the fungi from attacking.

Despite these important functions for the optimal function of our ears and our hearing, earwax can build up inside the ear canal, to the point that it creates a true plug.

Conversely, this plug can cause many diseases that, if not treated properly, can affect hearing.

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What are the most common types of discomfort that earwax plugs can cause?

Among the most common annoyances we mention:

A) Change the balance.

B) increased risk of infection;

C) Ringing in the ears.

In the presence of these symptoms we run to the doctor who is definitely the expert in this situation to provide care and advice. But few people know the miracle grandmother remedy for removing earwax in an easy and painless way.

Olive oil, the king of Italian tables, is used as a seasoning for all kinds of dishes, and it can keep our ears healthy.

The oil actually helps dissolve the earwax and the accumulated mucus responsible for the infection.

So when an earwax plug forms, we can try to remove it at home as well.

Let’s see how do we go?

Simply heat the oil in a saucepan and put it in an oven dropper. At this point, perhaps with someone’s help, tilt your head and pour 3 drops into each ear.

Therefore, first pour the drops on one side, stay in this position for about 10 minutes, and then repeat the process on the other side.

The described procedure can be repeated two to three times a week.

If the problem has not been resolved at that point, all that remains is to contact your doctor.


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