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Solar Hour 2022, will it be abolished to save energy? Now there is the result of Italy, details »

Weather: Will Solar Time Be Abolished in 2022 to Save Energy? Now there is the result of Italy, the details

Soon we will switch to solar timeWe are about to enter autumn and the days are gradually getting shorter and soon it will be too Time change, It goes from law to solar power: In short, we’ll bring back the hands in a few weeks Another hour.
But beware, Will this be the last time?
The answer is no!
Let’s take a step back and try to understand what the current situation is.

4 years ago, Between July and August 2018The Proposed to abolish time shift: Almost 5 million citizens of the European Union He responded to a proposal led by Northern European countries to this end Poland And Finland: The 76% voters.

solar time will come into effect again On the night between 29th October and Sunday 30th October 2022When the clock needs to be turned back one hour, 3 to 2. We will gain an hour of sleep (only for the first night) and lose an hour of light in the afternoon, which we will gain in the morning and this for the whole period.
Summer is active Until the last weekend of next March 2023 (between Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023) As we turn to move the arms forward.
But how long will this be?

In recent days, Thank you for the loving energyIn fact, the idea of ​​keeping summer forever in order to save a little comes back to the fore, and this is concerning. An official request sent to Draghi government.

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