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The secret shortcut to Infamous City is wrong, don't fall for it -

Similar to FromSoftware’s new Soul exclusive and new Wipeout in development, leak –

According to a new leak, a new leak is under development Similar to Souls from FromSoftware which will be exclusive to PS5Sony console. Moreover, it seems that there is also a new one in development wipe. Let’s see all the details about it.

First of all, regarding the new Similar to Souls from FromSoftware For PS5, the first source to report this is @HazzardorGamin. As indicated, State of Play will be on August 19 and will feature the new game from FromSoftware which, however, is not Bloodborne 2. According to Hazzardor, the source of this rumor is the same as the one that revealed the “Isle of Iki” DLC, included in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. We add to this, however, Shpeshal_Nick, a well-known leaker, who (with little annoyance at being hit on time) has confirmed that he has plans to reveal this leak next week. Nick “”confirms FromSoftware’s game on PS5, but doesn’t confirm the event date anyway.

In order not to get hit in time again and even at the cost of annoying someone, Nick decided to share a second leak: a new leak is coming wipe. The game is planned for PS5 but also for PlayStation VR 2. Nick believes the developer is XDEV, although he can’t confirm that. Finally, specify that this is an early development project.

Rumors of a new Sony PlayStation event dedicated to PS5 and PS4 have been circulating for quite some time. Could these two games be part of the upcoming Sony’s State of Play? A well-known figure from the world of video games also commented on the recent rumours.

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