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Pope Francis, the electric SUV during his visit to Slovakia: the model

Pope Francis, the electric SUV during his visit to Slovakia: the model

Pope Francis went to Slovakia at the invitation of the country’s president. Selected form to visit

(Skoda Media Press)

visit in Slovakia these days for Pope FrancescoAt the official invitation of the President of the Republic Susanna Caputova. On the occasion of visit the popeczech automaker Skoda Provide two for him and his entourage Enyaq iV and two Karoq, and make some changes to the same models to better accommodate them.

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Pope Francis Attributes of the Pope’s Chosen Model

Skoda Eniaq iV
(Skoda Media Press)

Specifically, the chosen model of the Pope is Skoda Eniaq iV. Both Electric SUVs He had transparent windows that replaced the stained glass to allow the faithful to see the Pope on the occasions he was present. to me. In addition, trusses dedicated to carrying the flag of the Vatican State were installed, while the official emblem of the papal visit was placed on the outside mirrors.

To be added, an auxiliary handle to the standard equipment fitted to the model to facilitate entry and exit from the vehicle.

But it doesn’t stop there. Skoda created an initiative for the occasion by creating a website dedicated to visiting Baba In Slovakia, through which greetings can be uploaded to the Supreme Pontiff, who will be able to see them comfortably inside the cockpit.

This is the second time Pope Francis has used vehicles of the Czech brand, after his visit to Ireland in 2018, when Skoda gave him four Rapid Spacebacks.

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