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Plasterboard in the living room: how to turn a simple wall into a wall with wooden drawers

Plasterboard in the living room: how to turn a simple wall into a wall with wooden drawers

If you want to make some changes to the walls of your home, here’s how to use drywall to your advantage.

Giving shape to our interior spaces is a process that can be very complex indeed.

When we decide to choose to do it yourself, in fact, There are a whole host of obstacles that will challenge us In creating our environment. First, process Space configurationin such a way that Make it geometric in line with the end result What we want to achieve is not easy at all. We must deal with the lines, the play of solids and voids in the space in front of us and, based on them, know how to reshape it in such a way that it lives up to our expectations aesthetically, but is also functional.

That’s exactly it Combining aesthetics and functionality is the most difficultBecause sometimes we get a result that we like aesthetically, but it doesn’t seem functional. Or vice versa. Such a situation is very frequent, Especially regarding the living areawhere we need more spaces that are welcoming, but also high-performance.

One of the most distinctive things about our living rooms is the fitted wall, which allows us to be in one space, The area designated for television and technological devices, but also storage space. If we choose plasterboard, we can transform our wall into a fitted space, also equipped with wooden drawers.

A wall equipped with wooden drawers: this is an innovative solution thanks to plasterboard

Being able to make the most of the main wall of our living room is a truly desirable goal. The idea of ​​a fitted wall that creates a play of solids and voids, that has a truly aesthetic performance and, at the same time, is able to be functional, is very attractive.

Plasterboard: Here's how to renovate your wall

Plasterboard: here’s how to renovate your wall (

With gypsum all this is not only possible, But we can also get you some great wooden drawers On our wall. The design of this design element requires that we use Plasterboard for the entire height of the wall. To get a perfect combination of materials, breaking the monotony, we can cover the shelves with wood and close some of them with the same material.

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This way we will get a really distinctive final effect The prepared wall will have empty spaces covered with wood and closed spacesWhich would be real drawers. Moreover, if we have parquet at home, we can choose the same shade of wood, making the environment more harmonious.

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