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Omega-3 is important for our health: here are the fish that contain the most amounts of it, and their benefits are incredible

Omega-3 is important for our health: here are the fish that contain the most amounts of it, and their benefits are incredible

The benefits of Omega-3 for heart health are known, but few know that a certain type of fish is rich in it. Here’s which one.

Omega-3 is a fat that has many benefits for the body: it reduces the risk of heart disease (such as heart attacks and strokes) and has been observed to prevent some diseases, such as diabetes and some types of cancer. Fish are very rich in omega-3, which is why nutritionists encourage their consumption. But there is a fish that contains more. Here are all its benefits.

Swordfish is not only rich in Omega-3, but it has other benefits as well

Swordfish is a delicious and versatile fish. There are different types depending on geographical origin, size and characteristics: the red or Sicilian type is caught in the Strait of Messina; The white species is caught along the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily.

Swordfish is the fish that contains the most Omega 3 –

It is a deliciously flavored fish and is also good for your health. In fact, it has an enviable nutritional spectrum: it contains proteins, minerals (especially potassium, selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium), B vitamins, vitamin D, and valuable omega-3s (such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid). (Dubai Health Authority) Indeed It has been shown that fish are the richest in omega-3And fats that can reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent various chronic diseases.

Therefore, swordfish contains little saturated fat and few calories It is also the ideal fish for those who are on a diet and who care about their figure. However, despite its many benefits, it can be a problem if consumed in excess. this Because of its high mercury contentIt is a toxic metal that can accumulate in the body and have very harmful effects on health. For this reason, pregnant women and young children in particular should limit their consumption, as they are more sensitive to mercury accumulation.

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Ultimately, swordfish is an excellent source of valuable Omega-3. However, when you decide to consume it, It is best to buy them fresh and, if possible, from sustainable fishing. It is versatile in the kitchen and is excellent baked or grilled to enhance its flavour. It also suits salads or carpaccio associated with salads, seasonal vegetables, potatoes or greens. Finally, it can also be used in risotto (for example with saffron) or as a seasoning for pasta with cherry tomatoes.