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Next hour, rain and snow at lower elevations.  Here are the affected areas in the evening

Next hour, rain and snow at lower elevations. Here are the affected areas in the evening

Rain, cold and snow will continue at lower elevations during the next few hours

In the next few hours, we expect scattered rain and snow showers at low altitudes, inland on the plains, in many parts of Italy, all of which predates very mild weather, with winter-like temperatures at times..

situation: Our country is currently surrounded by a cold cyclonic circulation, which is connected to another deep circulation, the driving center of which is in northern Germany. A disturbance hit our country earlier in the week, bringing rain, strong winds and snow to the plains in parts of the north.
Now the disturbance is shifting its center of gravity towards the central and southern regions, while in the north the weather picture is starting to show the first signs of improvement.

Forecast for the next hour: Residual precipitation may affect central-eastern Emilia and Romagna in the first part of the morning, in the plains of the Emilia region, with snow at very low altitudes. Sometimes it attacks the central regions, especially Marseille, Umbria and Lazio. Widespread rain is also likely in Sardinia. The weather will then worsen in the south, especially in Campania.

Pay more attention Snow Around can fall on the central Apennines 1200/1300 meters, the snow level in the southern part will be around average 1500/1700 meter.
The maximum focus is later in the afternoon, when the bad weather intensifies in the south, especially in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, where we expect heavy rain, thunderstorms and local storms, between the southern coasts of Campania and Calabria, there is a greater chance. Other, weaker rains will dampen Sicily and Puglia.

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The clearest signs of progress are seen in the north and then in the centre, with the exception of a few surviving cases in the Apennine mountains and the Tyrrhenian coast.
A gradual improvement is expected in the south only towards the end of the day, except for the lower Tyrrhenian area, where rain will fall sporadically even during the night.

Temperature and wind: There will be no major shocks on the climate front. Temperatures are brisk everywhere during the day, especially in the north, where mercury columns are everywhere below the threshold. 9/10°C. The coldest cities are Turin and Milan, where we find the closest values 5/6°C.
Winds will strengthen from the north-west, especially in the northern and Tyrrhenian regions, and there is a risk of some storms on the western coasts of Sardinia.

Civil Defense Notification: Based on the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Defense, in agreement with the concerned regions – who are responsible for implementing civil defense systems in the concerned regions – has issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Weather events affecting different parts of the country may determine hydrological and hydraulic criticalities, as reported in the National Summary of National Criticality and Warning Bulletin, which can be consulted on the department’s website (

The announcement places a yellow warning on Tuesday, December 5 for parts of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

Precipitation forecast for Tuesday, December 5