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N.E.R.D. Non è roba per donne: parliamo di Spazio

NERD is not for women: let’s talk spaceتحدث

These days we celebrated the first woman to reach Earth’s orbit: Russian Valentina Tereskova, who proved to the world in 1963, at the age of 26, that women have no limits.

However, her stay in space was marked by a series of physical problems that forced her to return early. Since then, 19 years have passed before another Russian mission.

But the space has since become an increasingly welcoming place for women

What do the numbers tell us?

So far there have been 566 astronauts. Of these, only 65 are women.

This is about 11.5%


For the Artemis mission, which will take us back to the Moon, toward Mars, NASA has announced gender parity:

9 women and 9 men.

But space doesn’t just mean being an astronaut, explains Chiara Chiesa, one of the 35 mentors for the UN-promoted Space for Women project, as well as the mastermind of the NASA Space Applications Challenge in Brescia.

“A lot of the technology we use on Earth is designed for space. For example, the Internet was invented to go to the moon, as was the cordless drill.

Memory foam, the foam we use for mattresses and pillows, was originally used for shoes used in moonshine. Today space means many things, there can be jobs as an engineer, but also as a lawyer, to settle issues that will arise far from the surface of the Earth, or as a diplomat in space.”

What skills?

So what kind of skills do you need to think about your space future? Only the trunk, or scientific technical subjects, or even those who have undergone another course of study can imagine a career in this sector?

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“In space, all kinds of professionalism are needed. They range from the space miner, who will have to spin the subsoil of the planets, extracting materials that will be used for human life, to the biologist, to the economist. Of course, access from a stem path helps us Like it or not, it brings us closer to a world of highly complex algorithms and programs to design and make life possible outside our planet. My project involves creating a global application that brings together universities from all over the world to ensure perfect courses for future generations. But there are not just those. I, for example , I am a lawyer, but that has not stopped me from approaching this sector. No one should feel left out because diversity is the key to the success of every project and every task.”

Infinite space, like our imagination

So the dream of space is possible for everyone. So what do we give from tomorrow?

“From tomorrow we have to think about how space can be useful for our lives, the future of our species, but also for our company, which can find niches you haven’t even thought of, far from the surface of the Earth.

Space has no limits, just as your imagination doesn’t have to. “