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Modena Foley is still without buyers

Modena Foley is still without buyers

We go back to the starting point and then start from scratch trying to find new partners or even a new property that helps or takes over Katia Pedrini’s job. In fact, on Tuesday evening, negotiations broke down with Giuseppe Vinci, who was clearly disappointed with the result of meetings with the management of Viale dello Sport and expected his return to the United States one day, starting from yesterday and not today, without answering the phone. The official failure of the negotiations and the desire to continue in any way the search was entrusted to some lines written by Katia Pedrini: “I received with regret the news of Mr. Vinci’s abdication to continue negotiations aimed at the transfer of the ownership of Modena. Wally. However, my absolute desire is not Still in identifying other solutions that will guarantee this club a future in accordance with its traditions, without any confinement at all. Everyone can see how much I have spent, emotionally and financially, to keep Modena at the levels it deserves and I intend to ensure the continuity of our sporting and human reality, respecting the compatibility that no Indispensable with the current difficult contingencies. Watch and open a new chapter.” Where did the negotiations falter? The famous binding show never seemed to arrive, while potential fees by Pedrini with the new owner were not on the table. Hypotheses then could be many, from reading the financial statements that made Vinci quit (in fact, from the company’s press release showing his refusal to proceed) to other problems of various kinds up to a clash with existing ownership. Certainly for any buyer, there is a team weight, ready to go and contracts on hand, that will cost around six million euros in the first season, without the possibility now of big cuts. The cuts Katia Pedrini left alone should try to make at all costs, especially when considering players’ wages. Nimr Abdelaziz has several shows in Italy and abroad as well (China and Turkey), Yondi Lille on the other hand it doesn’t look like it, but if Pedrini is to remain in singles play, the two pieces will have to be sold. The problem is that there may not be room for that. In the meantime, in the next few days, there can and should be space to clarify what the moves were on both sides and what caused the wreck of the first real negotiations to sell Modena Volley since Katia Pedrini was president. One thing, one thing, reassures the fans: “I intend to ensure the continuity of our sporting reality.” Modena does not end here.

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