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Microsoft launches VASA-1, a new model of artificial intelligence: what it can do sounds like science fiction

Microsoft launches VASA-1, a new model of artificial intelligence: what it can do sounds like science fiction

VASA-1, Microsoft's new AI model, has finally arrived. Here's what it can do, sounds like science fiction.

Since the beginning, Microsoft It wanted to establish itself as one of the companies that most people would want to target On artificial intelligence. Indeed, this was the case, thanks to its systems that give users the opportunity to access countless advantages quickly and easily. So you can enjoy the latest generation technology that you can test and use for free Whether for leisure or for work.

Micorsoft launches new AI to rule them all –

It is clear that it is not over yet, on the contrary. As revealed during the presentation that just took place, in fact, Microsoft now wants to move forward with its new AI system. This is VASA-1a great tool that will give you the opportunity to exploit greater potential immediately. The pictures look like science fictionAnd how realistic it is, after experiencing everything you will be speechless. And for people who are less confident, and even a little afraid of the potential of this tool.

Microsoft launches VASA-1: Here's what it is and what it will be used for

VASA-1 is a new artificial intelligence system Introduced by Microsoft which immediately promises to be revolutionary. Because of its advanced technical specifications that will give users the opportunity to enjoy a gadget that has never been seen before. It can be very useful.

What we know about VASA-1, Microsoft's new AI
What is Microsoft's VASA-1 and what will it do (Screenshot Microsoft) –

The idea is to be able to Generate realistic talking faces From virtual or real characters. Use one still image and a short audio clip. The craziest thing is that this model has the ability to realistically generate output even if what the user wants is not present in the model training deployment.

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Think for example of the fact that, according to Microsoft, it will also be able to manage Art images, audio tracks with songs, non-English sermons, and more. Hence, if you want eg make mona lisa talk, you can do that! The VASA-1 will generate 512 x 512 video frames at 45 fps in offline batch processing mode, while the streaming rate drops to 40 fps with a latency of 170 ms.

We will see how this bot will be received by users. So far, it has not been made available yet, as the company stated There are no plans to release demos or APIs online. At least until we're sure the technology will come along Use responsibly And in accordance with the most appropriate regulations.