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Matteo shrinks Salvini League, launches 5 government programs on vaccines - Tempo

Matteo shrinks Salvini League, launches 5 government programs on vaccines – Tempo

Tomaso Carda

Control Room, Decide for whom and when to extend the Green Pass ”(Copyright Drake) may be next Thursday. The aim is to start with workers who interact with the public, in activities that require a “pass” certificate from beneficiaries and public servants. In this case, however, the majority of barometers refer to storms. Matteo is trying to reunite the Salvini League. If it is true that the one who identified himself as the sole leader and orator of Carozio and was the first of two (if not two) blind to different inner souls, then, in fact, the duty of vaccination and the different Green Pass are the differences that came from the administrators in the area. “The Green Boss? I have and so does Salvini. I have no objection to the Green Pass. Luca Joy’s position.

The secretary gathers all the governors by video conference and takes them to “lock down” five points on what the league’s “general proposal” is. From promoting their vaccination campaign to “protecting freedom and avoiding obligations or restrictions, only certain categories can be exempt from the use of the Green Pass to promote safe openings from major events, but without complicated life for Italians” then free tumpons back to some categories so they can easily get the green certificate (For example, minors who play sports or can not be vaccinated); the possibility of using molecular saliva wipes to get the green pass; The warning is clear: “There is no agreement on vaccination obligation for everyone, including children,” he said. Yiu reiterated that the party he led would continue in government. “Read every day that good God sends to earth, he hopes to get up and come out of the league. We are there. We have no intention of leaving Italy in the hands of Pd and 5 Stell, they line, land, Ius soli …», he adds.

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As far as the possibility is – more and more certain, the statement is “orientation” – the government relies on the Green Pass Order, which was voted on by the Social Affairs Committee in the Northern League chamber, and the chairman will take time. “I did not comment on the ifs, we are working to improve the text,” he says succinctly. However, even in the right-middle, there are sections. For example, Renado Brunetta, a staunch supporter of the Green Pass, explains: “For Italy, the end of this success story is the expansion of the public and private work world, a kind of vaccine passport, a security passport, which protects the entire world of work and social relations.” Pd and M5S are under attack. அரசாங்க Full support for the government on everything from vaccine duty and green pass extension. If we want freedom, we must be active in using the rules.