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Mara Venier and her friends canceled after the Sanremo chaos: “Who wrote me as a surprise.  Watermelon?  I loved him with Di Luca.”

Mara Venier and her friends canceled after the Sanremo chaos: “Who wrote me as a surprise. Watermelon? I loved him with Di Luca.”

With the final episode of Domenica today, June 2, Mara Venere says she is wrapping up one of the most difficult seasons of television she can remember. In fact, he said in an interview with Andrea Scarpa Messaggero, “the worst of everything that has been done so far.” All this is the fault of the uproar sparked by the statement of opinion the day after the Sanremo final, with gestures by Ghali and D’Argen D’Amico in solidarity with Palestine. With controversy already breaking out a few hours before the end of the festival, tensions were still high in the studio at Domenica In, with accusations of censorship against the presenter. At the end of the episode, Mara Venier suddenly found herself reading a statement from CEO Roberto Sergio: “Every day our news and programs tell and will continue to do so, the tragedy of the hostages in the hands of Hamas also on the anniversary of the massacre of children, women and men on October 7 – read the note read by the broadcaster – the My solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish community is sincere and convinced. Mara Venier then added her own comment: “These are the words, clearly shared by all of us, from our CEO Roberto Sergio.” From there, the disagreements against Rai exploded louder.

The following days were very difficult for the presenter. With serious implications also for his private life. «I was very upset about it, I suffered a lot – recalls Mara Venere – Do you think that after Sanremo I wanted to go to EuroDisney, in Paris, with my nephew and daughter-in-law. I already booked everything and only asked the press office for passes to skip the long queues, but before leaving they called me to tell me that they would give me these passes but that I shouldn’t post pictures of us taken in my parking lot on my Instagram profile… That’s the thing What hurt me the most, we actually gave up in the end and went to the Aquarium in Genoa, which I recommend to everyone because it is a magical place. “It’s better this way.”

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False friends

Today, the broadcaster certainly says that she regrets reading that note from Al-Rai: “I read it live, and I was not aware of its content.” However, the complicated moment also helped lead to the broadcaster choosing a secret group of friends. After the uproar arose against her, “other supposed friends disappeared.” And I deleted them from my life.” But others, to her surprise, expressed their complete solidarity with her: “Alberto Matano and Fiorello were always by my side. I was surprised by the solidarity of Lili Gruber, Selvagia Lucarelli, Michele Santoro, Fabio Fazio, Nicola Porro and Walter Veltroni.”

Today’s opinion

Compared to the rai music she knew in the past, Mara Vener says she doesn’t see any particular differences: “This is like the others. There are politics, as always, but I always work freely. I have never had any imposition in thirty years of professional life.” So there is no TeleMeloni, although the Prime Minister does not mind. Especially after the clash with Vincenzo De Luca in which she presented herself as a “whore” to Cifano: “I loved her. I would have done the same thing too. I am like that and I want to continue to be like Verna Lisi when she said: “I am 70 years old, I don’t want to keep anything inside me and I always want to say what I think.”

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