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Manager Bruno Sansone was arrested

Manager Bruno Sansone was arrested

Contaminated instead of cleaned. Instead of removing the trash and debris, he piled it up, piling up seven or eight stories worth of trash, turning the hills’ metropolitan park into a huge landfill. Shocking accusations against the ecologically specialized entrepreneur regarding the administration of Cava Suarez.

We are in a hilly area Napoli, between via Loyola and via de Amicis, an area – it is worth underlining – for many years a carnage occurred, which seriously affected public health. Enough to trigger house arrest against the 49-year-old Neapolitan businessman Bruno SansoneAt the end of the blitz conducted by the local police, the Guardia di Finanza and the economic and financial unit of the Carabinieri of Noi.

Allegations of pollution, environmental disaster, non-cleaning are being made Prosecutor’s Office of Naples. The Neapolitan, 49 years old, has been involved in judicial matters in the past, confiscating Sanzone vehicles and machinery: we are talking about trucks, tracked earth moving vehicles, companies and current accounts.

A million euro worth of confiscations. But let’s read the arrest warrant signed by the investigating judge of the Naples court Anthony Balthasar: “To get an idea of ​​the extent of the destruction carried out – this has been underlined by the investigators – suffice it to say that the amount of waste estimated by the consultant is equivalent to a building. 90 meters by 90 meters with a base and 7-8 floors high”.

Precautionary measure to improve technical decisions of experts and consultants certifying damage to natural balance. These wastes also include wastes from construction work and other industrial activities completed with a company that has a sub-contract for waste disposal in certain public works. Needless to say, the trial judge ordered a ban on the waste disposal company responsible for Sanzone. The judge’s rulings on preliminary hearings regarding Sanzone’s conduct (previously sent to trial for Suarez’s failure to restore Quarry, Municipality of Naples and by the Criminal Judge)”.

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A complicated story, now waiting for a response from the waste industrialist. In short, according to the rule announced yesterday, according to the investigators, the entrepreneur “would have contributed to changing the natural balance of the site in question”.

A destruction “can only be remedied by particularly drastic and exceptional interventions, since it is a densely urbanized area, causing a significant offense to public safety due to the pollution of the area and endangering a significant number of people” .

But let’s take a step back. We’re in 2013, and places are becoming increasingly polluted. On that occasion, assets worth three million euros were seized, while the Ministry of the Environment and the High Institute for Environmental Research moved to underline the severity of the failed cleanup and waste storage interventions. Eleven years later, in the same scene, in front of an eight-story high-rise waste building, asbestos is nothing short of a nightmare.

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