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Lift is available on Steam, Launch Trailer -

Lift is available on Steam, Launch Trailer –

Half-Life Alex: LevitationThe Big and promising modification For a virtual reality game from Valve that feels almost like a sequel, the time has come Available on Steamalong with launch trailer Which spells something out from this new game piece.

Levitation is a mod created by various developers belonging to the gamer community, which, in fact, adds a New campaign Half-Life Alyx trailer, consisting of five parts with a completely new and interesting storyline.

Set right after the conclusion of the events of the main Half-Life Alyx campaign, Levitation sees the hero return to City-17 after a confrontation with the G-Man, reuniting with Russell.

While he is away, something mysterious Flying building He appeared in Sector X of City-17, and his origin is unknown. It seems to be part of an ordinary city apartment building that, for some reason, has begun to fly around, probably after some mysterious phenomenon.

Two members of the resistance, Perry and Maya, decided to infiltrate Sector X to understand what was going on, but they never returned, with the radio signals silent for days. Obviously, it’s up to Alyx to try and resolve the situation by heading to the place in question and trying to understand what happened to the comrades and what the secrets of the flying building are.

Half-Life Alyx: Levitation introduces a new campaign from approx 3-4 hours of play, new voice dialogues, new animations for characters in the situations they will find themselves in during gameplay and eight new levels that present new challenges for Alyx and her companions. Meanwhile, we can see the launch announcement, which comes after the game’s trailer from PC Gaming Show 2022.

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