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Landing on Venus: Watch the awesome video from NASA

Landing on Venus: Watch the awesome video from NASA

Here’s a simulation of what it would be like to land on Venus, after passing through its thick, hellish atmosphere.

NASA recently announced plans to develop two new missions to explore Venus in the early 2030s. The first will be called VERITAS (short for Venus Radiation Radio Sciences Refraction Topography and Spectrum) and involves sending a probe into orbit around the planetWith the aim of examining it through a thick cover of clouds surrounding it. The second one will be called DAVINCI (Examination of Venus in the Deep Atmosphere for Noble Gases, Chemistry and Imaging) and involves launching a probe into Venus’ atmosphere. Here is a simulation of what it might look like Landing on Venus: Watch this awesome video from NASA.

DAVINCI mission

The DAVINCI mission is scheduled to launch in 2029 and will be divided into two parts. In the first, the spacecraft will make two flybys of the planet to study its atmosphere and surface. The spacecraft’s work will focus on observing clouds on Venus and trying to identify a mysterious chemical that absorbs all the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

On the face of the planet farthest from the sun, the probe will map the surface in infrared light, because, at night, rocks release heat absorbed during the day. Scientists hope to better understand how strange plateaus form on the “hellish” planet. Seven months later, the spacecraft will descend about an hour through the clouds, transmitting all possible data back to Earth.

If so far we’ve only been able to observe Venus without getting too close (or at least, without crushing the probes that have sent us in the past), this time DAVINCI will detect the composition, temperatures, pressures, and wind speeds present in every layer of Venus’ atmosphere. The NASA mission team hopes to better understand how Earth’s failed twin evolved and to understand, once and for all, whether there is liquid water on this remarkable planet.

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