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Lancia Yspilon 2024: SALA inside

Lancia Yspilon 2024: SALA inside

It reveals, a little at a time – One piece at a time, the outline of the puzzle defines the shapes and contents of the new piece Lancia Ypsilon They begin to take on a more defined appearance. After the first images, official images depicting the coffee table for the electric version in a limited edition were created in collaboration with the furniture house Cassina (from News) and the “Cup” Front (from News) and the unexpected and much talked about “baptism” of the car in the waters of the Montpellier Canal, a stone’s throw from Peugeot’s headquarters in Sochaux (from News), and here A new idea.

Debut inside debut – A circular device that, as Torino suggests in an official note, is the heart of the company’s multimedia system Lancia Ypsilon 2024. The successor to the model on sale today will be unveiled on February 14 and should arrive at dealerships at the beginning of summer, but there is already some information about its services on board. “The new Ypsilon – explains the brand’s number one man, Luca Napolitano – will be the first Lancia equipped withInfotainment Sala“. Abbreviation for “Sound Air Light Augmentation”, the word that is read in Italian and interpreted according to the “spirit” of Lancia, refers toElegance and comfort One of the finest Italian home environments, it can be translated from English as “strengthening sounds, lights and air”.

You do it all with one key (or your voice) -But what does that mean concretely? It means something new Lancia YpsilonIn fact, it has been known for some time that the new small car from Torino will focus more decisively on the traditional values ​​of the brand, famous not only for its numerous technological and sporting records, but also for its Class and refinement of the interior Of the models that became legendary such as the Aurelia and Appia in the 1950s and the Flaminia in the following decade, to name just a few of the most famous. Specifically, the SALA multimedia system aims to simplify travel and life on board, allowing the driver and passengers to activate numerous controls, from the radio to the “climate” to the interior lighting, by pressing a button or using the voice.

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Suitable display with high resolution – Multimedia system Sala Which will appear for the first time on Lancia Ypsilon 2024 Which future models of the brand will be equipped with, as the company explains, will also offer great possibilities Customization. The system will depend on Widget Very similar to the ones that display the most contrasting information on our smartphone screens. Of the two high-definition displays that will be part of the standard equipment, the main screen will allow you to manage the radio, ‘climate’ and ambient lights.