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Katrina Palivo, "I'm Celebrating My Beloved."  All Hell Collapses - Libero Quotidiano

Katrina Palivo, “I’m Celebrating My Beloved.” All Hell Collapses – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

din media. There is in the center Katrina Palivowhich ends in the middle Misunderstood phrase. And there is no shortage of attacks on social media. The introduction, however, has to justify itself. All because of her husband’s birthday Guido Maria Brera: The two traveled to the United States to celebrate.
Today we celebrate my love birthdayWe’ve been together for 13 years. Palivo says.

The unprovoked attacks came when she described her husband as a “lover”. To say that some would argue would be excessive. But Balivo justifies herself after the misunderstanding on social media: “It’s a play with words, I’m preparing myself for it.” language. I get ready to play with words to be ready for it language , Little is missing.” After the joke on social media, the two posted some photos at About Boston. The couple is very solid, a love going on for 13 years and the wedding in 2014. Two children were born of their love. Guido Alberto And the kora.

“I envy the civilization of other countries,” says the presenter. This will start a new phase of his career La7. A new chapter for the previous one Rai 1 Who are now diving into a completely different adventure.

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