Thursday, July 25, 2024

Havana Syndrome Nightmare Returns. And now it hits Washington


The “Havana Syndrome“, That is, a mysterious series of diseases that afflicted the employees of the US Embassy in Cuba in 2017 and 2018, and it appears that they appeared on American soil. The symptoms of the above-mentioned syndrome have been identified, the cause of which is still unknown. Away from scientific publications in tinnitus and dizziness. Fear of luminosity, buzzing and headaches that can last for years and cause Brain injuries.

The unknown disease could have infected employees, including CIA agents, at the US diplomatic headquarters in Havana, as well as some officials at the Washington embassy in Beijing. Medical and military research on this mystery so far has focused on the hypothesis that damage to health is due to a super-secret mechanism developed by anti-American government intelligence.

According to recent polls Exporters in the United States, The mysterious disease may manifest itself precisely on the American soil, in the context of Two accidents Suspects were reported to the Washington Senate in early April by senior defense officials. According to American media, the military authorities have in fact revealed to senators the first case of Havana Syndrome that occurred in 2019 in a Washington suburb of Arlington, and the second was verified in November of last year near Ellipse, the large oval lawn. On the south side of the White House. The first case appeared of a White House official walking his dog the victim of a sudden illness, while the second episode involved a National Security Council employee. It is clear that the fact that the two cases of Havana Syndrome suddenly manifested itself in the heart of the federal authority worries the country’s institutions.

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In this regard, a White House spokesman specified:The White House works closely with departments and agencies to address health incidents inexplicable And to ensure the safety and security of Americans on duty around the world. Since we are still assessing the reported incidents and need to protect the privacy of individuals who report such incidents, we are currently unable to provide or confirm specific details.“.

To reinforce the hypothesis that the cause of malaise is a super-secret mechanism, it lies mainly in the fact that the American press, thanks to recent rumors filtered by the Pentagon, discovered that the Marines at a remote base in Syria had developed like the flu. Symptoms similar to those of Offender Syndrome shortly after a Russian helicopter flew over the military settlement. Thus, the thesis identifying the cause of the syndrome with a machine has also been replicated by a reliable non-military institution, the American Academy of Sciences. In fact, the aforementioned body, in a study published in March, linked mysterious diseases with the possibility ofRadio frequency energy Spring and directPosted by a mysterious technique.


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