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Covid, the Delta variant is working: in Mallorca 850 infected, 3 thousand in quarantine


Outbreak in Mallorca – The boys, coming from 8 Spanish Autonomous Communities, were on a year-end trip and, according to an initial rebuilding process, they attended a concert in Palma de Mallorca, parties on boats and in various hotels. Currently, 268 children still on the island have been identified who may have had direct or indirect relationships with some of the pros.

The students had arrived in Mallorca between June 12 and 20 and none of them had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. At the origin of the contagion, Pais explains, there are the parties the young men gave in their hotel rooms in the Llucmajor beach area, the boat trips and a big Reggaeton concert held at the bullring in Palma de Mallorca. In particular, authorities are investigating nine hotels in Llucmajor and have already opened a file for non-compliance with anti-Covid measures against the party’s organizers.

delta variable – The delta variable, which was first identified in India, continues to race the world and forces many corners of the planet to fall back into lockdowns, causing deaths and the spread of worrying new infections. as in the case of Russia Where Moscow records the largest number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. A flare-up worries even countries with the most benign vaccination campaigns: Israel Had to re-enforce masks outdoors and Great BritainWith jumps in infections from day to day, cases in schools saw a 70% increase in one week, forcing 16,000 schoolchildren to stay home.

Several countries in Southeast Asia start withAustraliaInstead, they reimposed lockdowns to curb the threats of the new boom. over there Thailand From Monday, it will reset restrictions on restaurants, construction sites and gatherings in the capital, Bangkok, to try to contain a wave of infections. Prime Minister, Prayut chan or chaHe said he plans to fully reopen the country by October, but that would require vaccinating 50 million Thais in 4 months. in the neighbor MalaysiaThe Prime Minister announced that the national blockade imposed about a month ago will continue, and he did not specify any date for lifting the restrictions. And he previously said that the measures will be relaxed gradually, provided that there is a decrease in injuries and intensive care. Also from Monday, the closure is in effect Bangladesh With offices closed for a week while only transportation allowed for health reasons.

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