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Goodbye electricity bonus, no rest after this month  You'll notice it on your next bill: here's a surprise waiting for you

Goodbye electricity bonus, no rest after this month You'll notice it on your next bill: here's a surprise waiting for you

For many Italian citizens, bad news arrives in the next bill: stop the extraordinary electricity contribution. With rising prices and economic difficulties, an important element of support for many families in Italy is disappearing: this is the situation.

Present Economic situation in Italy It is far from optimal. This observation can be extended to International context Wider. We are immersed in the global economy that emerges Important critical issues In many regions of the planet.

Recent events such as Covid-19 pandemic any Conflicts The recent explosion has created a great deal of uncertainty in global markets. The current period is characterized by many questions and answers that are difficult to understand when assuming future scenarios. This climate is certainly not calm For citizens of any country.

In Italy, small savers are trying to do this Protect their investments From inflation and the constant increase in expenses. It is not a simple task, and in some cases, the difficulties can compound.

for this reason Over the past few years We have learned to deal with things differently Forms of economic support Which is given to citizens. Specifically, these measures are intended to help Family units Who are in greater difficulty economically. But soon we will have to say Goodbye bonus very important.

Turn off the light reward

Economic data speaks clearly. Reports show how just over 8% Of the population living in the state Please attach your CV to the letterwhen i Average prices Products grew by 53% In the period from 1995 to 2023.

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Inflation and rising prices They seem to have stopped, but the situation is still difficult for many. Despite this, starting From April 1, 2024 It will no longer be possible to rely on the exceptional contribution provided in 2023 Offer a discount on your bill For poor families or people with physical disabilities.

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What are the expected new numbers?

This does not mean that any form of support will not be provided. backwards, The basic contribution will remain constant It will differ only for those with physical disabilities. As for the rest, the money increases on a basis Number of components The family unit as well All I see.

Thus, for families with one or two members we are talking about 142,74 euroswhich rises 183 If there are 3 or 4 members Essam 201,30 For more than 4 members. Therefore this amount will double Exclusively from the basic contributionNote that the exceptional order has been suspended since the beginning of April.