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Gin Gnocchi, a general stab in the side of Carlo Cracco: “Real chefs are…” |  He said it mercilessly

Gin Gnocchi, a general stab in the side of Carlo Cracco: “Real chefs are…” | He said it mercilessly

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Famous comedian Gene Gnocchi said it out loud this time: This is his opinion of Chef Carlo Cracco, and he can no longer deny it.

Famous TV actor and comedian, Gin gnocchi I decided to make a big fuss over some of the statements that were made Carlo Cracois a famous chef and one of the most famous chefs on the small screen thanks to his participation as a judge in Master Chef Italy.

Gin gnocchi He didn’t master the words To determine his opinion of chefs and especially of Carlo Cracco. As we know, gnocchi gin is specifically known for it Biting and cutting humorBut no one could have imagined these words to the chef who couldn’t even respond.

Carlo Craco, As we all know, it is often a target Heavy criticism and commentsabove all for always being very meticulous and therefore strict and picky, as demonstrated during his time at the helm. Master Chef Italy with Joe Bastianich And the chef Bruno Barbieri.

Despite this, no one expected these words from Gin Gnocchi: that is all he said The comedian who is always ready to make his audience smile I was overwhelmed by this comment from Chef Krako.

Gin Gnocchi on Chef Craco

Footballer, singer, writer, comedian, actor, cabaret artist… One word will not be enough to describe the diverse career of Jean Gnocchi, always ready to make the audience and fans smile with him. Spicy jokes ranging from politics to football, Even what happens in all of our homes.

Even his Instagram profile, with 396,000 followers, is full of photos of people from the most diverse sectors, accompanied by funny and sarcastic comments. There is no shortage of photos and videos of him featuring Gin Gnocchi He never takes himself too seriously…In short, a comedian and actor with a long career to go with him Surreal and biting humour.

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“Real chefs are…” he said

Carlo Craco He is currently experiencing a good moment in his career. Even if his dishes generate some debate due to the prices and the difficulty of adopting a new concept of contemporary cuisine, They have always managed to achieve great success And great reviews. That’s why no one expected it Gin gnocchi I targeted him like that.

“Confirmation. For example, Carlo Craco argues with these San Carlo On every slice it comes out because it’s not crispy enough. but The real chefs of Italy They are people with nerves of steel […] “Actually the only real chef at Masteechef is Mara Maionchi,” the comedian declared, taking advantage of an interview with Today, November 1, 2017, The somewhat difficult personality of the chef and Mara Mayonchi’s comparison to her not entirely calm temperament even if she was in another area.