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Few windows in the house?  You can create an additional one like this and it's really amazing

Few windows in the house? You can create an additional one like this and it's really amazing

Here's the solution you've been waiting for to create a truly stunning additional window, perfect for your home.

In recent years, also due to social issues, we are living more and more in small spaces. Houses with poor lighting and few windows. In addition to being places of basic sizes, they also have the wrong direction and They never see sunlight. This makes it very sad, boring, dark and with a lot of dampness inside. In major city centers like Milan, living in small apartments is now part of everyday life for many people.

There are areas in our house that need a window. Mainly for light and air change, and in some cases even just to create a feeling of more space. Some walls in our house are unused. Spaces that might be ideal for a beautiful opening but for structural and economic reasons will never materialize. The window is a complex element, it simply does not apply like any piece of furniture. The fact that structural and complex works are necessary often prevents us from getting more light into our homes.

In recent years, thanks to technology, some truly innovative solutions have arrived. It certainly does not give natural light, but rather gives a feeling of space and great beauty. These are new items for our homes They will give a unique effectWe will finally feel like we are in a larger, more airy room. Artificial lighting that feels real and natural. This could be the solution to change the look and “mood” of some places in our home. In fact, light has a psychic power over us.

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The solution for few windows

Recently there are companies that manufacture so-called Really amazing virtual windows. They are easy to install, affordable with results that will satisfy all customers. Thanks to these new and technological windows, you will be able to completely change the look of a dark bar, attic or just a room that needs more light.

Virtual windows Coelux and Edgewin (Source screen youtube Coelux and prosky panels) –

For example, an innovative system called Coelux promises to make the sun shine always and everywhere, regardless of the natural composition of the environment to be treated. By incorporating the latest generation of energy-efficient LED technology, with Advanced optical system Using nanostructured materials, Coelux offers high-tech window solutions. A virtual simulation of natural light, with truly unexpected effects.

Another interesting product is the Edgewin fake window. Easy to use product with LED lighting. Once the installation is complete, the selected image from the photo gallery will appear as a realistic window. A series of screens that create an effect ideal for closed environments away from nature. A virtual window that makes us dream and travel wherever we want.