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Erdogan's tough grip on alleged Israeli spies hunting Hamas men in Turkey –

Erdogan's tough grip on alleged Israeli spies hunting Hamas men in Turkey –

to Guido Olympio

A few days ago, about thirty people were arrested. According to Ankara's agencies, the Mossad uses trained “collaborators.”

Mutiny. Neoblaz. Nickbeat. graveyard. Code names for four operations carried out by Turkish services against alleged Israeli spies as of 2021. The last one closed a few days ago with…About thirty people were arrestedHalf of them will face prosecution. It was the same president Erdogan To emphasize success by beating the drum: We surprised them and this is just the first step. A general statement on the special occasion of the founding anniversary Massachusetts Institute of Technology, intelligence in AnkaraAnd in parallel with what is happening in the Gaza Strip.

News of the conflict between Israel and Hamas live

Investigations revealed the presence of A Double stage. In the first case, Israeli espionage hired operatives and assigned them small tasks used to establish communications. Investing in the future, a usual tactic of the shadow side: points today, profits tomorrow. Different Members could have been arrested in areas devastated by the earthquakeQuite a few of them were foreign immigrants coming from Syria and Iraq. It's hard to think of professionals in the trade, they're more likely to be helpful, Expendable pawns. Curiously, the networks were made up of dozens of elements: not limited cells but large numbers. Characteristics that could also indicate a Propaganda maneuver With an opponent who is still watching the Palestinians on the banks of the Bosphorus.

In the The second phaseAccording to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (aAn agency with 20,000 agents) colluding with the Mossad They will have important goals. Stalking, data collection, use of technological devices, Close missions to follow up on guest members of Hamas or other factions in Türkiye. Some reside here, others limit themselves to passing by, an oscillating presence linked to the Sultan's changing mood. Ankara supports the struggle of the Palestinian brothers But in some cases, he called on them to leave the country, while some of them recently returned, fleeing Lebanon after the killing of Saleh Al-Arouri, the second man abroad. However, the activity of money changers, the intermediaries who collect the movement's money and make it profitable, is stable. Turkish cities have always been a valuable economic base for extremist groupsincluding him Islamic country.

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The men who agreed to it Helping Israelis in exchange for money She was – Training on the use of communication channelsThey met actors in places in Western Europe, and followed paths that could lead to directors and executives in exile, especially those in Beirut. There could have been an episode that was thwarted by MIT's intervention A Palestinian technician residing in Malaysiaa country where the Mossad previously killed a Hamas drone expert.

Ankara using a broom Sent several signals: Devices are on standby; We are in control; Do not think about organizing targeted killings on our streets. In fact, as soon as the Netanyahu government announced that there would be a new Munich with the hunt for enemy leaders, including those living in exile, there was Erdogan's violent reaction was to vow severe revenge. A well-sourced journalist at MIT will reveal this The service established a special unit to stop Israeli missions.

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