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Elisa Iswardi, Fatal Error

The introduction does not hold back and admits a difficult bond in her life. But Elisa Iswardi is ready: she really did

Elisa Eswardi (YouTube)

Miss Cinema 2000Elisa Isoardi of Miss Italy never stopped. The beauty contest opens up a special path for her in the fashion world, and it happens Leaving early for TVWhere he always wanted to work. Here he comes with successful programs and today, after a few years of rest, he is Ready for the big comeback.

But in Elisa Iswardi’s private life, there have been some major afflictions. Between love and family, he also had to confess A moment of great suffering: asked her for forgiveness.

Elisa Iswardi and her relationship with her mother

Elisa Eswardi
Elisa Eswardi (YouTube)

The last time we saw Elisa Iswardi on TV was 2020 with Chef’s Test Which he collected from the hand of Antonella Clerici and led to the final closing. However, from that moment on, the path to television became more complicated for her, and to resume herself, He agreed to participate in two reality shows turns out. The first isDancing with the starsWhere she danced with the professional Raimondo Todaro. The second is instead “The Famous IslandWhere she showed herself in all respects.

After a lot of apprenticeship and several years of hiatus, she’s finally ready to return to television. Rai2, in fact, entrusted them Sunday afternoon program: it will be calledI would like to tell you that” He will tell deep and touching stories. In these two years of hiatus, Elisa Isawardi admitted it After thinking a lotOn a personal and professional level. During an interview with Confidenze, the presenter said: “On a break from the TV I was meditating, I looked inside and I checked my priorities“.

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In particular, during these two years Elisa Iswardi wanted peace his mother, with whom she had a relationship that was not always easy. “I also apologized for a lot of things, Especially for my absenceHe confessed. The period of the pause, in fact, made him think much of his passions and their importance, like the love of his brother and his mother.

Today Elisa Iswardi Ready to go back to TV Renewed calm, mental and physical. To get ready, she also takes tennis lessons, which helps her stay fit and focus on positive things.