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Discover story clipping content in a hidden file -

Discover story clipping content in a hidden file –

Another secret Red Dead Redemption 2 It seems to have originated from hidden files Within the game, specifically Content that appears to have been cut from history A Rockstar Games title and with possible references to the first chapter.

YouTuber Kush Qrox, who was auditing data on Red Dead Redemption 2 files, discovered a break scene that has remained largely hidden until this point, pointing to the fact that Arthur Morgan could Explore the map of the first Red Dead Redemption for some tasks.

Technically, Blackwater and New Austin are still accessible, but here the protagonist is immediately hunted down and killed as required.

On the basis of what appeared, however, the Scene It was hidden related to a part of the story that should have taken place in that area, indicating the presence of actionable missions within the map of the first Red Dead Redemption. In particular, the intermission scene relates to a dialogue between Arthur Morgan and Jeremy Gill within the secondary quest “The Fisherman”, which would have required the protagonist to get to Rio Bravo and get to New Austin.

All of this was removed in the latest release of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it seems that the story originally was longer than that and above all contained stages of exploration and narrative even within the first chapter map.

It was recently revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is now the ninth best selling game of all time, with sales exceeding 45 million copies.