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Diet does not affect this disease

Diet does not affect this disease

Vegetarians with a certain medical condition can breathe a sigh of relief. A meat-free diet does not put health at risk.


I vegetarians They follow a specific diet Eliminate meat and fish But it is allowed to eat foods of animal origin such as eggs and milk. Therefore, these are recommendations that are not as restrictive as those of a vegetarian diet but can affect people’s health. The balance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and cheese should be carefully thought out in such a way that the body Can take all nutrients It must be healthy and strong. Maximum attention should be paid to children and injured people certain diseases.

Vegetarians, diseases and how to behave

It is a common notion that if a person suffers from a certain disease, they cannot be a vegetarian. exclusive use of food of plant origin, In fact, it may not fully meet the needs of the body in terms of nutrients. In this regard one must follow balanced diet Which includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs, cheese, milk and legumes in the right amount. In this way you will not face any health problems even if you suffer from a disease such as, for example, No sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia and the vegetarian diet

The sarcopenia It is the pathology that causes a Gradual loss of muscle mass. The consequences are reduced mobility and the ability to carry out normal daily activities. So we are talking about a serious disease that leads, among other things, to a greater possibility Falls and fractures legs and arms. This disease mainly affects the elderly, but unfortunately also affects many young people. The reasons behind the appearance of sarcopenia are not fully known. One thinks about malnutrition and employment There is not enough protein Thus one might think that the disease is not related to a vegetarian diet. But this is not the case.

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Vegetarians, yes, even with sarcopenia

Must have diet for people with sarcopenia controlled and limited. The goal is to increase your protein intake as it is known to be found mainly in meat and fish. Vegetarians do not have these products in their diet, but do not despair. While suffering from pathology, only some Precautions To continue to follow a vegetarian diet.

No meat then Away from legumes and dairy products. Indeed, these products contain a lot of protein, and if they are well incorporated into the diet, they can easily replace steak. Mushrooms, cheese, seeds, grains, pseudocereals (belonging to the Polygonaceae family) are other foods that should not be missing among vegetarians with sarcopenia. Advice is to let yourself be advised Nutrition experts In order to keep your health under control.