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Csaba Dalla Zorza, the secret to setting the table in one minute even on special occasions |  You can't imagine what it is like

Csaba Dalla Zorza, the secret to setting the table in one minute even on special occasions | You can't imagine what it is like

Casaba dalla Zorza –

Csaba Dalla Zorza explains how to set the table perfectly and elegantly: advice from the expert.

Csaba Dalla Zorza, style and good manners expert, reveals to us The art of table settingIt is an everyday gesture that embodies elegance and practicality.

In his article “How to Set the Table (and Why),” Kassaba explores the importance of knowledge Equipment rules To be able to adapt it with common sense and creativity.

Citing experience Arthur Inch, author of “Dinner Is Served”and his extensive collection of books on the subject, Csaba emphasizes that a well-set table is the result of a combination of cleanliness, order, and style.

This approach not only makes the table welcoming, but also transforms it The act of setting the table in a fun and refined waySuitable for any occasion.

The perfect table rules: how to arrange places and things

To set the table at Csaba Dalla Zorza, the essential “ingredients” are simplicity, elegance and functionality. Firstly, A clean, well-ironed tablecloth forms the basis. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, but it should be made of fabric, and perhaps paired with matching napkins. For less formal occasions, high-quality paper napkins can also be a practical alternative. The objects on the table should follow precise geometry: places on the table are equidistant, chairs are aligned, and decorative objects are arranged harmoniously.

For dishes, Essentials include dinner plates, cutlery (knife, fork, spoon), and glasses (water and wine). The arrangement of cutlery follows a practical logic: cutlery for first courses should be placed away from the plate. The folded napkin is simply placed to the left of the plate or in the middle. The important thing is to maintain a balance between style and practicality, and avoid excesses.

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Table etiquette rules Csaba Dalla Zorza
Csaba Dalla Zorza TV-

How to arrange crockery and napkins for an elegant table

Table setting according to Csaba Dalla Zorza begins with laying out the tablecloth, followed by setting up any candles or centerpieces. The first step is to place the dinner plates, followed by the cutlery, and arrange them in the order they will be used during the meal. Forks are placed to the left of the plate, and the knife (with the blade facing the plate) and any spoon are to the right. Place the cups on top of the knife and spoon. The folded napkin should be placed simply to the left or center above the plate. For informal meals, you can choose high-quality paper napkins, chosen in colors that match the tablecloth.

The key is sobriety: A limited number of cutlery and cups are sufficient for the meal without being excessive. This style not only makes it easier to enjoy the table, but it also helps create a welcoming and upscale atmosphere. By following these steps, your table setting becomes an elegant and practical gesture, perfect for any occasion.