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Billie Eilish and Alessandro Borghi: The Neuropsychiatric Syndrome that unites the two stars

Billie Eilish and Alessandro Borghi: The Neuropsychiatric Syndrome that unites the two stars

If you cure me long enough, you will see a lot of tics. During the day, I constantly move my ears back and forth, raise my eyebrows and pick up my jaw, clench my arms, and contract my muscles,” Billie Eilish, with this shocking confession to David Letterman, while filming the Netflix series. My next guest needs no introductionreveals that he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, diagnosed at age 11. Constant involuntary movements and contractions that the singer describes as “extremely stressful.”

Billie Eilish wasn’t the first to reveal that she suffers from this condition. Actor in Italy Alessandro BorghiIn fact, he admitted during an interview on the occasion of the release Super heros: “I thought for a long time I had tics – he revealed – but it was Tourette’s syndrome. Do you feel like I have strange breath every now and then? They are cramps. It is a neurological syndrome, which has different symptoms: I have cramps or puffiness in my fingers. After the diagnosis I stopped seeing it as a problem, because at least now I know what I have.”

Tourette syndrome, Which takes its name from the French neurologist Gilles de la Tourette who first recognized it, is called neurodevelopmental disease, It affects the brain and behavior and usually occurs in childhood or adolescence. However, its course is fickle, in two thirds of cases the symptoms are relieved almost completely after the age of 15-16 but in the remaining third the disturbances remain, even if they are milder and manageable over time.

This disease affects about 1 in 100 people, with an incidence three times higher in males than in females. The causes are not fully known yet, but it is believed to be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

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