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Bianca Guachero “just like her mother did”, but someone disagrees and an argument breaks out

Bianca Guachero “just like her mother did”, but someone disagrees and an argument breaks out

The artist sparked real controversy with her latest photo on social media. Bianca Guachero wanted to look natural, without makeup and various filters. However, some did not find it very honest.

Bianca Guachero

We met her first as an actress and then as a singer and performer: Bianca Guachero He continues to attract public attention not only for his artistic talent but also for his social media presence.

Guachero passed The film was filmed at Rai 1's Grand Theater Proving that I have enough talent to do my best. Bianca posted a photo on Instagram that showed her in a private moment of relaxation, wrapped in a bathrobe and without makeup.

At least that's what he says in the tags in the caption of the IG post. It was precisely these words of his that sparked controversy on the Internet.

Bianca Guachero “without makeup”: the shot is unconvincing and controversy erupts

Caption “without makeup” Used before bianca guachero, However, the matter sparked mixed reactions among his followers. While some appreciated her choice to look natural, others raised doubts, Emphasizing how, despite the absence of obvious makeupBut the actress had false eyelashes, eyebrows and colored lips, most likely along with tattoos.

Discussion arose around the photo Bianca Guachero reopens the debate on the concept of natural beauty In the age of social media. The concept of “naturalness” becomes blurred when semi-permanent cosmetic treatments, such as eyebrow tattooing or permanent makeup, become fashionable. These interventions, which are now common, redefine the boundaries between what is natural and what is artificially enhanced.

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Among Bianca's fans, under this post, it developed like this A “live” exchange of opinions. On the one hand, there are those who defend her, considering that her choice to appear without natural makeup is evidence of authenticity and closeness to her followers, who are ordinary people. These fans appreciate his willingness to show himself without filters, in an age where images on social media are carefully curated and edited. On the other hand, some criticize the choice to use the term “no makeup” when traces of aesthetic treatments are quite obvious.

In short, it was Bianca's intention to do just that I posted a simple picture but the comment ruined everything. sWithout wanting to, in her latest snapshot the actress touched on a very current topic: a photo of the actress on social media that tends to stand out, almost in an opposite way, from the real one. This duality sometimes distorts our perception of the image we have of ourselves with consequences that are not positive at all.