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Becky made up his mind

Becky made up his mind

Pique and Shakira are becoming increasingly distant: while she will have to face a complaint, the defender has made a decision that will spark debate.

after parting The events related to the ex-couple formed by Gerard Pique and Shakira continue to dominate Especially in Spain. And now the atmosphere is glowing again, creating More problems between the two, who met during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Shakira raises the complaint: Pique made his decision (ANSA)

But for some time, the separation was confirmed. And between the two, some Discussions with important issues in the center, such as filial Milan and Sasharespectively born in 2013 and 2015. Now, however, they have been added The other issues that separate them only, never married. like him, Shakira will now have to deal with a complaint, but also a decision by Pique Really hard for her to digest.

She denounced Shakira, and Pique’s decision infuriated her

She denounced Shakira, and Pique's decision infuriated her
She denounced Shakira, and Pique’s decision infuriates her (La Presse)

It’s the singer in particular, who’s going to have a hard time. According to some sources, She will still be in love with the Barcelona defenderwho suffers instead A new love story born after love at first sight with ex-waitress Clara Shea Martyaged 23 years.

To make matters worse, for Shakira, there is also interference Complaint from two of his former employees. The singer, in fact, should answer Charged with unjustified dismissal After asking one of them Work for her – continuously – for 17 hours (without overtime). In the complaint, then, the second is spoken Gossip does not like From a very tense work environment, the Threats from Shakira herself.

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who, meanwhile, “suffered” another “wound” from the former Pique. In fact, his girlfriend had already met both the kids and the parents Footballer. An initiative that does not heed the request of the Colombian star from the former partner He had asked a year before coming out. Instead, Becky didn’t listen to her, and she – who moved on Barcelona For love – He’s trying to get back to Miami ASAP. Unless, of course, the employee’s lawsuit puts a key in the works.