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Bad surprise for those who thought they would take advantage of the €8000 mobile phone bonus

Bad surprise for those who thought they would take advantage of the €8000 mobile phone bonus

Fisco Oggi is a Revenue Agency magazine and has recently published an illustration that risks being a bad surprise for those who have handled mobile reward access too easily.

Let’s try to understand each other better. Mobile reward is one of the most popular and used reward in this covid period. The rewards are designed to spur spending that has become lifeless after the pandemic. The mobile phone reward has reached the target. Getting a discount of up to 50% on the purchase of furniture up to 16,000 euros is really an opportunity not to be missed. It would be ridiculous to let it slip away. It is true that the money promised by the bonus is not immediately available but is spread over ten years of personal income tax deductions, but in any case we are talking about an important number that has a huge impact on families.

crucial question

But we need to understand the legislation well and the official journal of the Revenue Agency confirms this. In fact, this bonus, which has a ceiling of 8000 euros, has a condition. This means that the purchase of furniture is linked to the process of restoring or renovating the building for which it is intended. So there must be The purchase of furniture but also this modernization of the building. Here comes the question that some may have overlooked. Unfortunately, the gentleman who wrote to the magazine and who was unfortunately told that he would not be entitled to the discount also ran away. It is all a matter of time. In the specific case there was a boiler replacement and the purchase of furniture. Replacing the boiler was accepted by the agency’s experts as a payback intervention.

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But the problem is buying furniture before replacement. So the magazine clarified that the furniture should be bought after the redemption work, otherwise the discount would not exist.

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It is important for those who want to take advantage of this bonus Purchase of furniture after redemption works.