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“A toxic relationship, zero tolerance for the environment” – El Tiempo

“A toxic relationship, zero tolerance for the environment” – El Tiempo

Fedez and Chiara Ferrani have made everyone who constantly follows them on social media dream. Then, after the so-called Pandoro Gate, the rapper and the influencer drifted apart until they took different paths. What is certain is that the singer, after the crisis that was revealed, moved to live in another house, and began to see his children far from their old home. However, little is known about possible separation or divorce. A guest on streamer Grenbaud’s Twitch profile, Fedez spoke about the song “Sexy Shop,” a collaboration with Emis Killa in which he is said to be talking about his ex. “I’m talking about a relationship where we hurt each other, and I don’t feel like I’m blaming anyone, I’m talking about a toxic relationship. Then if someone wants to read who knows what things are for us,” he said without mincing the words.

I'm fighting for...: Fedez breaks the silence on his children.  The phrase that does not escape

He continued: “It is clear that I get rid of my anger with people who never loved me and whom I fortunately got rid of, because when the relationship ends, it ends with the person and the entire circle,” stressing the lack of sympathy for him. Staff and friendships at Chiara Ferragni. “And I never hid the fact that I couldn’t stand the surroundings: I didn’t go out because I didn’t like the people I had to go out with or go on holiday with,” he repeated. The words, the ones uttered by the rapper, make fans’ dreams crumble and begin to explain the reason for the breakup.

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