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A social examination, such as getting 6 thousand euros a year from INPS

A social examination, such as getting 6 thousand euros a year from INPS

thanks for thesocial allowance You are entitled to a little more 6000 euros per year Which can go up to 8,500 euros for those over their 70s. Important support for all those at the age of 67 who have not been able to collect enough contributions to enter pension Thus, they may find themselves in a difficult economic situation.

The state supports them thanks to what is now known as the social allowance (former social pension). a luxury scale Recognized for thirteen months per year, with a value that in 2022 – as a result of annual revaluations – amounted to €468.11 per month, €6,085.43 per year.

In order to be entitled to the maximum amount, it is necessary that the individual income be equal zeroAs for married couples, they should not exceed the annual value of the social allowance. Otherwise, the amount payable is calculated by subtracting the income received from the annual amount.

Since 2002, introduced since then Berlusconi government, an increase is applied to the social allowance that can increase the amount to more than 8,500 euros. This is the so-called increase to one million, which today consists of the integration of the check to a maximum of 660.79 euros per month, 8,590.27 euros per year. An integration of €192.68 per month, but only until the age of 70.

And that’s not all: because social benefit also has the advantage of being harmonicbut not cumulative, with pension income or citizenship.

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