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After years of inactivity online, Blockbuster is back and thanks Netflix for closing stores

The well-known video distribution chain of home videos and Blockbuster video games He has come close to taking his last breath over the yearshaving to close various stores located around the world for various reasons, including the growing need to rent physical copies of various entertainment media.

Social accounts like his Twitter profile found themselves having to deal with Some periods of inactivity Because many corporate stores had to shut down their operations, even though there were several times the same account appeared Returning to life “in fits and starts” and for no specific reason, Post a few jokes on the platform before disappearing from the web again.

Recently, however, a Blockbuster profile Looks like he’s back againAfter more than two years of absence. On Twitter on July 22, the company account that preceded the broadcast once again wanted to remind the user of its existence, and posted a series of tweets with the usual sense of humor that also accompanied previous posts, Also go to “thank you” netflix.

Blockbuster returns to Twitter and ‘Thanks’ Netflix

In the first tweet Posted last week, Blockbuster announced his return from the grave inThrough a motion picture depicting William “Billy” BuchersonZombie Doug Jones in the Disney classic “Hocos Boxes.” This mention actually seems to have occurred due to the fact that you could watch this movie online starting in September, which has actually become a true cult thanks to VHS.

In addition, Doug Jones himself responded to this tweet, expressing all his affection after Blockbuster confessed his love for the actor and Be eagerly waiting for Hocus Pocus. Additionally, on July 31, the home video rental company account provided another quote by a well-known actor, using Sad Keanu’s photo with a description that explains “When you wait for them to pay you for your rent delay, but now you’re broke.”

Unexpectedly, Blockbuster did not stop himself from giving his opinion on one of the most popular streaming platforms, posting a photo of his store closed. Accompanied by a message that reads “Thanks Netlfix”. But this statement may only be a provocation or a sign of resentment: the streaming giant will soon launch a comedy series called “Blockbuster,” which will tell the story of an employee working in the last department store in the United States.

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