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Zero termico a quote stellari nei prossimi giorni

Zero temperature record, from Mont Blanc to Lampedusa something extraordinary will happen, the maps »

Weather: Freezing temperatures recorded, from Mont Blanc to Lampedusa something unusual is going to happen, Maps

Freezes to stellar heights in the coming daysFile data CNR (National Research Council) confirms that we are in the process of conducting a Really weird weather With very high temperatures already from May. There is an important indicator that testifies to the exceptional nature of summer 2022: Hessa “Zero heatthat unites all of Italy, from Mont Blanc to Lampedusa.

First, a hypothesis is necessary. to rise Zero heat It is nothing more than the height (expressed in metres) at which the air temperature in the free atmosphere passes (and is therefore not affected by the ground) From positive to negative values. The freezing point is obtained from the thermal profile of the atmosphere measured by radiosondes, a type of balloon released into the atmosphere daily at major Italian and international airports. Knowing that the temperature in troposphere (The troposphere is the region of the atmosphere in which all meteorological phenomena occur) It decreases as we go up We can define the thermal zero point at the “moment” when the temperature meets 0°C and when it rises further it will always remain below zero. Even in summer, this altitude usually fluctuates around 3200/3500 metres. At the top, it’s always cold: it’s the height of permanent snow and glaciers.
Until about 10/15 years ago, climbing over 4,000 meters was considered to be very rare event In any case the duration was short (a day or two max), which is why the “damage” was always limited.

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However, something has broken in terms of the atmosphere and climate: so much so that in the last 5 summers the average level has moved above 4000 metres: so from a rare fact, it has become almost normal.
And in the next few days this trend will be confirmed:After another heat wave Caused by the African anticyclone will lead to a rise in Zero heat at stellar heights, More than 5000 meters As we can see from the attached map.
In practice, this means that throughout the Italian territory, from Mont Blanc (4,810 meters) to Lampedusa, there will be positive values, extraordinary event However, it risks becoming a habit due to the constant climatic changes that see a constant increase in temperatures in all seasons.

This fact, of course, has some Effect Especially in the highland world where there are glaciers in the Alps. As recent news (the Marmolada tragedy) has unfortunately highlighted, the increase in temperatures is destabilizing this delicate environment: in addition to the decline of glaciers (about 40% of glaciers have already disappeared compared to 50 years ago), now the experts’ concern turns to The possibility of new collapses. We lose one Basic and precious water resources (and most importantly in these dry periods) that nourishes our rivers and also represents the wonders of nature.

The situation will have to be monitored in the coming weeks: what we suggest is to stay up to date and see the bulletins issued by the responsible bodies before embarking on a high-altitude flight.

Freezing point in the next few days: more than 5,000 metersFreezing point in the next few days: more than 5,000 metersThe level of freezing has been steadily increasing in recent years (Source: Luca Lombroso)The level of freezing has been steadily increasing in recent years (Source: Luca Lombroso)Rising temperatures and dangerous repercussions on the Alpine environmentRising temperatures and dangerous repercussions on the Alpine environmentAlpine glaciers suffer from climate change (Lombard Glaciological Service)Alpine Glaciers Suffering from Climate Change (Lombard Glaciological Service)

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